Vivek Godse’s Presentation @ BNI 3 May 17, wed, 730 am @ Hotel Pride, Shivajinagar, Pune

bni 7 minBNI is a great place to Meet lots of business owners from various business categories, to

(1) Increase business

(2) Create a support team of allied agencies

(3) Learn from Successful business owners

(4) Know, how competitors do business

(5) Promote new products, offers

(6) Fight Recession…

7 min Speaker of the Week – Vivek Godse – Renowned Life Insurance Agent

We are meeting on Wed 3 May 2017 @ Hotel Pride, Nr Rahul Cinema, Shivajinagar (Tel no 02066471471) @ 730 am

Meeting Fee Rs.600/- per head to cover hotel charges & breakfast…

Do pass on this invite to Ur friends… who may want to attend & Ask him to contact us on 0202545 9005 / 6 or 94225 2 9005

If you are one of our clients, do attend this meet & share a positive experience about our services / association. Our credibility in the group will go Up…. Do U Agree?

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Income Tax Dates for June 14 Did U know

Income Tax Dates for June 14

Did U know – We can help U manage your Life Insurance premium & Maturity due dates… for more info
Visit or
Vall 9422529005 / 02025459005 / 02025459006 or

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Nobody plans to fail, We fail to Plan…

Nobody plans to fail, We fail to Plan…..

Do U want to succeed in Tax Planning….

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Traveller’s Check List – “ We visualize your needs ”

Traveler’s Checklist  –  “ We visualize your needs ”

 Wardrobe : Pant, Shirt, Suit, Safari, Tie, Belt, Towel, Napkin, Kerchief, Under Garments, Shorts, Lungi, Baniyan, Churidhar, Saree, Blouse, Night Suit, Jogging Kit, Swimming Costume.

Foot – care : Sandal, Slippers, Shoes, Socks, and Shoe Polish with Brush.

Health – care : Tooth Paste, Tooth Brush, Shaving Cream, Razor, spare blades, After Shave, Comb, Face Powder, Perfume, Bath / Washing Soap, Oil, Shampoo, Bindi, Hair Dye, Make Up Kit, Rope For Drying Cloths.

Miscellaneous :  Pen, Mirror, Scissors, Knife, Nail Cutter, Cloth string, Needle, Thread, Match Box, Torch, Safety Pins, Buttons, Clips, Lock & Chain For Suitcase, Suitcase Keys, Air Pillow, Bed Sheet, Camera With Cells, spare Film Roll & charger, Video Camera With spare Cassette / DVD & charger, Walkman Or Transistor With Earphone & Cells, Mobile & Charger, Spare Mobile Prepaid Card, Plastic Carry Bags, Mosquito Coils, Candles, this Traveler’s checklist.

Important : House Keys, Money Purse / wallet, Driving License, First Aid Kit, Medicines ( keep at least 2 day’s quota in handbag ), Medi-claim TPA ID cards,  Cheque Book, Tickets, Address Book, Telephone Diary, Visiting Cards, Credit Cards, Watch, Books, 40+ Spectacle & spare distant spectacle, Goggles With Case, Stationery, postal Stamps, Revenue stamps, Gifts, Prayer Books, Office Files, Identity Card, Presentation  CD’s,  Pen drive, Business Data, List Of Places You Want To Visit With Travel Plan & City Map, Club / Timeshare ID cards.

Top Up for Family :  Flask, Bag, Bedding, Eatables, Fruits, Biscuits, Plates, Glasses, Water Jug, Spoons, Milk Powder, bournwhita / tonics, Playing Cards, Paper Napkins, Hot water kettle, tea coffee premix, Magazines.

Inform Milk & Newspaper Supplier your tour schedule.

Top Up for own vehicle : Check Petrol / Air Pressure including stepney, Car Manuel, Duplicate Bike / Car Keys, Plastic water suction pump and empty water bottle ( if required to transfer petrol from other vehicle ), Foot pump for checking tyre Air pressure, List of Service Stations With 24 – Hour Road Help – Line Number, Audio / Mp3 CD ‘S, VCD’s, DVD’s.

Top Up for cold weather : Shawl, Pullover / Sweater, Jerkin, raincoat, Wind-shelter, Special dress, hand gloves & shoes for ICE walk

Top up for Temple : Prasad, Panchang ( Almanac ), specific cloths ( for specific entry dress code), tel no’s of temple Public Relation Officer ( for VIP entry passes)

Before you lock the house : Switch off the main electricity switch, water taps & Gas cylinder. Stick Chit for Milk-man & Newspaper Supplier Outside the Main-Door.

When you start the return Journey, recheck all your items with this checklist.

You must have Adequate Life Insurance for a Special Journey called Life.

If you are already using a similar List, check with the same & if I have missed out on anything please contact me so that I can update this check list.

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Blackberry Smart phone – Creative use – L I C – Life is Creative

I am using a blackberry curve 8520 model since March 2009. Here are some things which I use & thought may be useful for many.

Better contact Search based on a theme

If you have a large client base in different cities, you can add the name of the city / pin code in the last name. If same city, you can just add the pin code or Area name in the last name. So next time if you are in Erandwane area for example, just type Erandwane in the contact search & you can see all the clients in that area. ( or Pune city)

If you have a client who can be contacted on Thursday ( may be his weekly holiday) just enter Thursday after names of all such clients. Next time you type for Thursday contacts & all such client names will appear.

This can be used for many other things when clients can be contacted / classified / found for a particular product, income, religion, languages, Bank Holiday, sales stage  etc.

Ignore Tele-marketers  ( Do not get disturbed )

Whenever you receive an unwanted call, which you would not like to answer again, simply save the number as “Disconnect” followed by the company name. E.g. Disconnect HDFC standard life. So next time when you get a call from the same number, your mobile will show “disconnect HDFC standard life”, and u can simply disconnect it.

Sometimes you don’t carry your mobile, or keep in silent mode. When you see it after that period, you see missed calls in your mobile, suppose it was from HDFC standard life which you didn’t want to answer. If you have done as above, now you know that u need not call this number. If u exceed the max no storage limit for 1 contact, simply store it as Disconnect 2, & so on.

Hope you do not save our number as disconnect!

Typing Shortcuts

There are many common things which you want to type in all your sms / emails like your name, add, tel, mobile no, email add etc. U can prepare these small chits into the “Auto Text”. ( Auto text is something already available in your blackberry which is used to correct the spellings as you type.)

Auto text can be opened while creating sms / emails / BBM messages by pressing the menu & edit Auto text key, or press blackberry key/ options / Auto Text….  Suppose you want to create your contact details, create an entry as follows. Press blackberry key again & select new. In the field “replace” enter “add”.

In the field “with” enter

Vivek Godse

Life Insurance Agent, Member Chairman’s club & MDRT(USA),

B-1, Sandeep Apt, Opp Sevasadan School ground gate, Nr. Mangeshkar Hospital, Patwardhan Baug, Pune 411004.

Tel & Answering Machine 02025459005 / 06

Mobile 94225 29005

Office map & driving directions are available on / contact us

If the “Using” field has “smart case” selection, it would automatically convert the small w into big W if it is the start of a sentence. However if the sentence is like you may not like to use even if it appears at the start of the sentence. In such a case use “Specified case”

Sometimes you may have to use only part of this whole text, say without tel/mob numbers. U can have a separate entry, egg “Adds” ( I have added “s” for small ) with the following details.

Vivek Godse

Life Insurance Agent, Member Chairman’s club & MDRT(USA),

Tel & Answering Machine 02025459005 / 06

Mobile 94225 29005

It can further be shortened as addss… etc.

Tel & Answering Machine 02025459005 / 06

Mobile 94225 29005

You can use it as addr for resi add. ( factory, collection center address & so on )

Now next time just select compose sms & type “add” & press space, & your full address will appear automatically.

If you want to type separate email id for clients & friends, just create a new entry as addfr with a different email id.

These are some of the auto text entries which I use

ac for a/c

ap for Appreciate

asap for As soon as possible.

atg as Appreciate your trust & goodwill

cl for “Sorry part of our conversation was lost as I was driving through different areas, was nice to talk to u. will call later – / 02025459005 / 06 / 9422529005 /”  ( Sometimes some part is really lost or the call is automatically disconnected, as we drive & we can create this sms in the time we wait for the next signal. )

cs for Courier sent

cwcc for Can we collect chq ?

cwt for Can we talk now ?

fyi for For your information

cwcd for Can v collect documents ?

cwmn for Can v meet now ?

ef for emailed forms

gg for Greetings & Good wishes

gm for Good Morning !

gml for “your gmail address” eg

LF for Look forward to meet you.

ir as Inconvenience regretted

kiu for Keep it Up !

mb for your mobile number eg 9422529005

Pc for Please call ….

Rc for Received chq

Rd for received documents.

Ro for I have reached your office reception.

rs for Rs. /-

Scntc for Sorry, could not take call.

Td for Today or 2day

Tf for Thx for the feedback

Tg for Thx for ur greetings & good wishes, which r heartily reciprocated.

Tl for “your tel number” eg 02025459005

tm for Tomo

ts for Thx for ur sms

ttc for Tried to call you…

wo for without or w/o

ww for “your website address” eg

yml for “your yahoo address” eg

Fast typing thru private / parallel key shortcuts

If you have to type a number or a sign you have to press “alt” key & then the corresponding key. This reduces your typing speed. You can create the following auto text entries which would save your time.

W for 1, ( now at times you really have to type W only. If w for “1” auto text entry is created, 1 appears immediately after you press w & space. Hang on !  Don’t worry, just press backspace twice & w will appear and will remain even after pressing space bar. )

e for 2 ( Since we hardly use a single “e” ( or “w” ) followed by space I have used single “e” for 2. However sometimes we have to type single “d” for “the” so I have used dd for 5, as we hardly use dd followed by space.)

r for are

rr for 3

ss for 4

dd for 5

f for 6

z for 7

x for 8

c for see

cc for 9

$ for &

There are many more words / sign you require frequently, just do the following…

e0ww for 2011 ( you can define all the future years in the same way !! )

g for /

h for :

ii for “-” (dash)

k for ‘

l for “ ” ”

m for .

n for ,

o for +

oo for “ok followed by your name, add, tel, mobile, email, web ”

ow for otherwise

p for @

pc for please call followed by your name, add, tel, mobile, email, web

r for R ( can be used in place for “are”)

rr for 3

scntc for Sorry, could not take ur call. In meeting ….

Sdr for Sorry 4 delayed reply.

Ss for 4

Td for 2day

Tem for thanks for ur email.

Tsm for thanks for ur sms.

Tf for thanks for ur feedback.

Tg for thanks for ur greetings & good wishes which are heartily reciprocated.

Tm for 2morrow or tomo

Ttc for tried 2 call. Pl call….

uu for “_” (underscore)

V for V ( can be used in place of “we” )

vv for ?

W for 1

Wnt for was nice talking to u …

Ww for your website address

T for (

Y for )

I have given a long list of shortcuts. The more ypu use it the more you will remember. However, if you don’t, while composing an email or sms, press blackberry key, go to edit auto text & press the staring 1 or 2 alphabets of your shortcut & you will see the list.

Using the Aux function in your car for hands-free use of Blackberry

If you have a music system in your car that has an auxiliary pin slot, attach Auxiliary cable to your Blackberry. Now you can play the music system, press Aux button. Now when you want to receive a call thru aux, first press the answer button of BB, then press menu button & select activate headset. Now you can hear from your speakers & use the microphone of BB to speak. Remember this call can be heard by all traveling in the car. So if you have a confidential call, do not activate headset but answer manually & hold it near your ear as usual.

By using Auxiliary cable you can also hear the songs stored on your mobile. Next time you are going to long distance travel, no need to carry the Audio / MP 3 cd’s.

Download add-on’s 

If you have subscribed for data plan / downloading feature you can download many applications from blackberry App-world, Free & chargeable both.  Go to menu, Blackberry App World,

These are the two which I use.

ASAP free – Ignore call & send custom sms (by the jarred company)

Imagine you are in a meeting & the mobile rings, you don’t want to take the call so that the other person in meeting should feel bad, at the same time you should not let the caller feel that he is not important. Just download this application. ( takes only 60 kb place !! ) Next time the mobile rings, press ignore, a message screen will appear. Press scroll key & the person will get sms predefined by you, all in a matter of seconds…

I use the following text for sms

“In meeting, sorry, couldn’t take call. Will call soon. Meanwhile for LIC query, call our office 02025459005 /6, Mon-sat 10-5¸ LIC Agent-25yr trust


Simplified exchange of contact information – a simple app that equips you to exchange contact information at your next meet-and-greet. Working across all platforms of cell phone tech so your business card is loaded on the right phones, in the right hands. Simply. Send your business card electronically from cell to cell – with one click. Send your contact info to anyone through email and a vCard attachment. Recipients add all contact information to their address books with one click, the recipient doesn’t t need a Contaxx download. From your BlackBerry® to any smartphone, across any platform – Mac or PC, Contaxx connects with a click. Using vCard tech, your Contaxx reach you with a click.

Advance Insert contact in SMS vial Blackberry contact app

Insert Contact saves your time of Copying and Pasting the contacts necessary information when you need to quickly send it via SMS to anyone .

This app creates the Menu item only in the Address Book so that it does not show in any other app. This app works perfectly on 6 too!

1. Go to Address Book.
2. Highlight the Contact you need the information to be sent.
3. Click on BlackBerry® Menu Button.
4. Click on SMS Contact.
5. Choose the contact you want the SMS to be sent from the Address Book OR type the number manually.
6. Un-check the fields you think are irrelevant.
7. click on OK button at the bottom to send the SMS

 If you now any other tips for better use of blackberry… email / sms / call me so that I can update the same on this blog.

Thanks for your time…   Hope it was Creative….

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