Vivek Godse’s Presentation @ BNI 3 May 17, wed, 730 am @ Hotel Pride, Shivajinagar, Pune

bni 7 minBNI is a great place to Meet lots of business owners from various business categories, to

(1) Increase business

(2) Create a support team of allied agencies

(3) Learn from Successful business owners

(4) Know, how competitors do business

(5) Promote new products, offers

(6) Fight Recession…

7 min Speaker of the Week – Vivek Godse – Renowned Life Insurance Agent

We are meeting on Wed 3 May 2017 @ Hotel Pride, Nr Rahul Cinema, Shivajinagar (Tel no 02066471471) @ 730 am

Meeting Fee Rs.600/- per head to cover hotel charges & breakfast…

Do pass on this invite to Ur friends… who may want to attend & Ask him to contact us on 0202545 9005 / 6 or 94225 2 9005

If you are one of our clients, do attend this meet & share a positive experience about our services / association. Our credibility in the group will go Up…. Do U Agree?

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